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Hirica connects people and companies through a unique matching system. It is an anonymous, decentralized and free app for sharing talents of IT industry.

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No fees, no middlemen. Just you and the person you need.

No fees

We do not collect commission from interaction with Hirica. We only charge companies one time if a person hired 25% of their expected salary to keep the lights on.


Only you can choose who you want to reveal your contact information to and dive into the recruitment process. We do not share your information with anyone.

Web 3.0

Hirica is a Web 3.0 job search platform. It is decentralized and anonymous, we use the latest technologies to make your experience better.

User friendly

We are working constantly on making Hirica as user friendly as possible. We create tools for recruiters and candidates to make the process of hiring and finding a job easier for both sides.


We created an algorithm which moderates our content. We do not allow any fake information to be posted on our platform, so that you can be sure that you are talking to a real person.


Consider your profile as a game. The more achievements you get, the more you will be noticed by recruiters. Both employees and employers can receive profile badges for their interactions with Hirica.

Pay for hires

Only 25% of the candidate one-month salary*

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